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2 requests

Started by RichNigga 2018-01-06 at 21:36
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Hello Dear Cliquemedia and my dear friend Spas
I just have 2 request that Can make your site better and better...
first: Please respond to tickets and email a bit faster ... I have 3 tickets in awaiting for a long time and I haven't been responed yet ...
Second: Please make our payments in a shorter time ... The previous system that you have (5 Business days) was so much better than the current one ... specially I made a ticket for this solution and support team just paid one of the payment that I requested later than my earlier one and I still got 4 in pending ...
I know you have holidays and I hope you enjoy your holidays and wish you a great 18' ... but this 2 things are went weak lately and some haters are going to comment against your incredible PTC in EMS and NBR and many other forums ... Cliquemedia has a great future but I believe this tiny details will help a better improvements and faster progress and haters will be burned as We want...

Kind Regards

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