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Started by Admin 2018-02-07 at 12:10
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We have just now finished with upgrading the site to the next level. Some changes have appeared:

1. Faster Page Load - The site is now faster to surf as its structure has been optimized.

2. Grid - the grid is no more working the old way. Every grid view gives you credits. With these credits you may place your own grid ad.

3. ROI on Shares - Like in Cliquesteria, we have come to the decision that the shares repurchases are unpredictable and this impacts on the site stability. From this moment one, there will be ROI for the shares. Which means that the shares earnings are being restricted. The more is your return, the less you may earn from the repurchases. However, the purchases made with the payment processors is lowering the ROI. Some of you will also notice a limitation on the shares purchases. It means some of you, who have a big number of shares purchased not with the payment processors but with repurchases, they will be no more able to buy shares.

4. Rented Referrals - the whole system have been changed. This means we have a new generation of a system which will prove it's better than the old one. Some of you will notice an improved referrals activity, due to the new referral activity filters. Others will observe a drop in the rented referrals activity. If the second scenario happens to any of you, you should know that it is time to start replacing your old referrals.

5. New contest add on - it is still not designed and is expected to be ready by the next week. By then, I will start some cool contests. For example, offerwall contest, this will help the standard members to learn how to complete surveys and tasks.

6. Crypto Trezor - this will make possible the purchase of crypto currency and tokens. All the profits relates with the purchases will be distributed among the members who make purchases. It will be a new feature which will resemble the shares but not much. There will be much more better rewards.

7. I am sure there are more things we did, which you gonna see when you log in next time to the site.

8. Games - except for the free games you see at the moment, I will input some more betting games, like flip the coins and guess the number.


Tomorrow we continue with Uniclique, and hopefully by Friday we will have the whole group working in a new way! I am sure the changes are good, it will need a bit of time for you to feel the difference.

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thanks admin
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It's perfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect
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Simly perfect, you are the best spas i appreciate your work to develop ,optimise and stabilise the media sites for long term the three media sites Cliquebook ,Cliquesteria , Uniclique are the futur of this domain business Soon they will be the new kings of PTC world
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for the best community ,, admin always do,,,,
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thank you very much admin ! for improvement
my earnings from My rented referrals get much better you are honest
I hope this status will be stable and permanent
now I will keep going with your site
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Nice 1 ! Thanks Adm. !
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Hello spas can standard member use there main balance to purchase more shares since standard members are not the one who is buy large number of shares with there main balance
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