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Drop/Variation in RR AVG

Started by VladoUmlenski 2019-05-02 at 19:54
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Hi everybody

Does anyone have this issue.
Some days RR AVG is 2.3+, and some days it drops to 1.3.
Number of ads is the same, approximately same number of refs click, but the AVG is different.
Direct referral, are like clock, everyday 6 clicks.
This is not OK. A person can't make a plan for investment and return.
A week ago it was going like a rocket, I was trumping that this is the best site to invest.
Now I'm scratching my head, wondering how can it turn this way.
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Привет всем. У меня тоже АВГ плавает в апреле от 3 падает до 1,7. С чем связано не знаю.

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