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Bonus Ads and Offerwall Ads Update

Started by Admin 2019-02-07 at 23:10
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Dear Members,

DO not worry, there are NO NEW rules, you are all free to work the way you wish, but I just wanted to pay attention on a few facts that seem to be important.

1. The Bonus Ads - I have told this many times and I will repeat it one more time so it gets clear to everyone; the bonus ads is one of the few good ways to monetize your actions. By watching these ads, you first and foremost you earn much more and much faster than before, they give you additionally 4-10 cents a day because the tasklist reward is also included in that activity. By watching these ads, you help me and the site, as I am getting paid for your actions, so it makes my task easier on how to pay you, especially the Standard members. It is of vital importance for you to understand that these ads are good for you and me at the same time.

Currently, all the members, who watch bonus ads are being paid with privilege, I am not checking their accounts for any cheats and verifications, and in future, I plan to separate the Standard members and those who watch bonus ads and the offerwall ads, will be paid faster than the others.

2. Offerwalls and Offerwall Ads - Many of the offerwalls are providing even more PTC ads to watch. The difference between the site ads and the offerwall ads is that the offerwall ads cannot be manipulated by autoclicker. It is why I respect the people who watch these offerwall ads. You know that Offerwall companies such as PTCWALL, MINUTESTAFF, OFFERS4ALL, MEDIUMPATH, MYADSWALL, CLIXWALL, WANNADS, ADSCENDMEDIA, THEY ALL OFFER ADS TO WATCH. Imagine how much more you may earn if you watch these ads too.....

So, you can see that I have given you the chance to work and earn more than the usual PTC site, grab that opportunity and do not hesitate to ask me if you do not understand something. You must learn how to work with the Bonus Ads and the Offerwall ads, simply because they pay you.

I am preparing a special video for you all too and once it is ready, i will post it here, so you may see how big we are getting. Here, I want to say thanks to our partners from BeerMoneyForum ( BMF) for the support and the friendly attitude. Keep on rocking Mr.B!!!

All you guys, you may anytime surf BMF to find out many interesting ways to earn online and you may also find nice friends in there too:

In 2019 I will add more ways to earn and get paid, you can be sure in this. So let us stick together and make Clique Media the largest network for advertising ever!
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