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New Features in Cliquebook in 2017!

Started by Admin 2017-01-07 at 20:36
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For those of you, who have decided to stay in Cliquebook, after the betrayal of some people, I have decided to show you that the site will grow even more in 2017! 3 New things will take place in the next couple of days:

1. The LIVE BANNERS ARE HERE; I have just installed the Live Banners and you will now have the chance to show the others how much you have earned in here! Promoting your referral links has never been easier with these banners!

2. Crack the vault is the next step, after the TE installation, which will give you plus one more earning option. The game is quite good and you may try your luck daily. The chance is to win 10$ from the vault.

3. Shares - after some discussions, I am thinking to install Advertising packages with revenue shares. Before taking this step, I need to know your opinion, who is for and who is against it. Please share your thoughts in this post, I will appreciate every reply.

Future Plans - In the next weeks some more things are going to take place:

1. New Rented Referral System

2. New Click Rates

3. New Upgrades

4. New Sign Up Bonuses

Thank you for all of you, who decided to stay in Cliquebook and those of you who had never have any doubts in me. Fair well to all the haters!
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Thank you Admin New things!
I vote not to Shares!

Keep up the good work. You are the best!

Long life Cliquebook and Cliquesteria.
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Good idea in the beginning of 2017, I think your variety way to earn will make Cliquebook be the best PTC ever
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+1 for Rev.share! Always welcome new BIG Opportunity to Earn
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Thanks for New Features,
Iam not against revenue shares(Even +1 vote for shares),but paypal maybe not like revenue shares(my opinion).
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I agree with revshare but return should be within one month or 45 days

After all i always appreciate your wonderful decision

Thank You
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Looking forward to your plans for 2017

About shares I'm only concerned about PayPals terms

They have terminated their cooperation with other PTCs that introduced shares - but I for one only use Payza these days...

But I'm here for the long haul - just curious Abit should I extend my current membership or not?
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Nice Spas!Good job
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Excellent for Cliquebook & Clique Media Group PTCs in 2017 & upcoming Years........With Super Admin Spas K for whatever decision you take in this superb Cliquebook & Clique Media Group PTCs........
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+1 for AdPack SHAREs

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