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Ad Packs - New Feature In Cliquebook

Started by Admin 2017-03-14 at 18:46
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Dear Members,

I am happy to announce the New Earning Option in Cliquebook - Ad Packs. With that tool, we are giving you the chance to earn much more per month even without clicking. The Price of 1 Ad pack is 5$ and the daily return is 1.2% for all memberships. It matures at 6$ for 100 days. And the maximum number/limit od ad packs depends on your membership.
So, let's get moving to the next level. The Ad packs are available for purchase in your Account Page>>> Left Navi Bar>>> Ad Packs.
There is not a forced investment scheme, where you should deposit more in order to earn more, so you are free to purchase and repurchase ad packs at any time. That makes us different from the common sites, where a certain reinvestment is required depending on your total cash out volume.

If you have any questions, please ask. I believe this tool is well known already, and you will get used to it easy. Enjoy it and happy earnings!

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Thanks Admin New Features!
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Нормальная тема для дополнительного заработка !!!
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This is great news, thank you Admin I bought 2 shares for start I have one question: is clicking necessary for recieving comissions from ad packs? Or not?
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This is great news,

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