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New Offerwall Added

Started by Admin 2018-12-07 at 14:52
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It is just to inform you , guys, that starting from today, we have contracted a new Offerwall company - MEDIUMPATH.COM

I hope you will be interested in viewing even more ads and new surveys with Mediumpath. Also, we are communicating with one more company that will provide new ways to earn, but I will keep that in secret until we agree on all the details about this deal.

Another thing i wanted to say is about Clixwall and Plewall - these 2 walls were disabled as they had some security issues. Plewall was accessed by hackers who have tried to make fake balances and cash out big amounts of money. Happily, things did not happen, and no one was harmed. However, I have decided to close the Plewall in all my sites and it will not be working anymore. Clixwall, however, will come back soon maybe even in the next few days.

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Thanks for information
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Thanks for the safety of all users.

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