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Point Contest and Add Funds Promo
Published on 26-02-2018

Dear members,

Last night we have managed to make a new modification which will give the start of the Crypto Trezor. Hopefully, I will manage to make things fully ready in a couple of days.

There are some more news to share with you:

1. Add Funds Promo - For every purchase made with Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, Solidtrustpay, Bitcoin, Eth, ETC, Litecoins, Dashcoin, Dogecoin, you will get bonus cash to your purchase balance as follows:

For purchases between $5.00 and 49.99$, you will get 5.00'% cash back.
For purchases between $50.00 and 99.99$, you will get 7.50'% cash back.
For purchases between $100.00 and 499.99$, you will get 10.00'%cash back.

The Promo is valid until the 2nd of March 2018, 23:59 h server time !!!

2. Point Contest - Starting from today, for the next 7 days, I have started a point contest. The members who gather most points will get cash to their main balance. For more information, you may visit our contest page:


The points are being distributed the following way:
- 1 Point per forum post
- 1 Point for every ad you watch.
- 1 Point for certain offers completed in the offerwalls.
- 5 Points for every active Direct Referral you refer.
-15 Points for every 1$ you deposit with the payment processors.

3.Crypto Trezor - General Information:

- The Crypto Trezor will replace the ad packs model. From today we have a new balance, shares balance. This balance will be renamed into Crypto Trezor Balance very soon. You can see it on your account page. The shares balance will be the place where you will get your adpacks earnings. You can cash out these earnings anytime, according to your membership type. However, you will be not able to purchase packs with your Purchase Balance, nor with your Main Balance. From today on, you can purchase Adpacks only using the Payment processors.

The Crypto Trezor funds will be used by me for different purposes, mainly for buying Crypto coins, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Certain Tokens, etc. I will keep you informed with all the purchases I will make in the future. I already have a mining rig, purchased 2017, and it is giving me great cash back already. So, I plan to make several new big projects and will share the profits with you, the members of Clique Group. 

The Old shares earnings will be distributed normally in your Shares Balance, so anyone will lose anything. Some fo the old shares may take longer to get the 120% return. The new adpacks will have the same returns, 120% in 100 days. One Adpack will cost 5$, no more 10$ adpacks. 

You may start investing in the Crypto trezor from today. All the purchases are now automatic.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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