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BTC and other Cryptos are Suspended Until Further Notice
Published on 12-03-2020

Hello Members, 


Due to the huge drop down in the BTC price, plus the rates of the other supported crypto coins, I am suspending all deposits and withdrawals until further notice. Once the price stabilizes, I will enable them again.


No place for panics, it is to avoid some speculations that might raise with the BTC price. It is currently down with more than 30%, down to 6000$ for 1BTC. 


Cliquebook Media 2020

New Offerwall - BITSWALL
Published on 27-02-2020

I have added a new Offerwall, called Bitswall, today. It has PTC ads to click and videos to watch, enjoy them. As always, for every amount earned with the Offerwalls, you also earn cash-out points, that unlock your payments. For more information about the cash-out points, you may read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

For the publishers who want to join the new Offerwall, here is my referral link:

As you know PTCWALL has closed and Minutestaff is experiencing problems with their SSL certificate and you may NOT use their services at the moment. It is why, BITSWALL will find its nice place among the cool Offerwalls, here in Cliquebook. 

Published on 05-02-2020

Dear Members, 

This is not something new but some of you did not know about it. It is super important for all the UNICLIQUE.INFO members! Please make sure that you access the site with the UNICLIQUE.INFO domain because the older domain UNICLIQUE.NET has EXPIRED! Some of you are still trying to access the site with the old domain and they receive an error page. 


Published on 30-01-2020

Minutestaff has published a new IP and they seem to be working now. I am putting it back on. 

Published on 19-12-2019

I wish you Happy Holidays and brighter days ahead to all the members of Clique Media! It is just letting you know that I will be spending less time with the sites until the end of the year, the payments will be processed according to our Terms of Service. I will travel to a few places in this period and it is very likely that I might not have internet everywhere. If you see your payment not processed within 24 hours, do not worry, I will process it as fast as I can.  That time of the year, try to be with your beloved ones and show them your love, we will again continue with more and better games, and more ways to earn in 2020. 


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