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Added support for the most common banner sizes
Published on 23-09-2020

Dear members,

I've added a new feature for advertisers, now 4 formats of banner sizes are supported: 468x60, 728x90, 300x250 and 160x600!
The banner credit prices have been updated as well, you can advertise your banners for an incredible price as low as $0.0116 per 1000 impressions!

Everyone knows banner advertisements has the highest conversion and now for this nice price, you should give it a try!

PTSU removed
Published on 11-09-2020

Hello Cliquebook Members,

Since PTSU is barely used and due the high cheat rates, this advertisement option will be removed.
Currently all PTSU credits in accounts have been refunded to the owners purchase balance.
The remaining PTSU offers will remain for 2 weeks (Sept. 11th 2020) active, after these 2 weeks, their remaining credits will be refunded to the owners balance and the pending PTSU will be granted if not reviewed by the advertiser by then.

The procedure has been completed as mentioned above.


New Tasklist Bonus Tool Version
Published on 23-08-2020

Hello Cliquebook Members,

Our developer has just finished the new version of the Tasklist bonus tool. As you know the old version was on My Account Page and this version will have a whole brand new page.

Those of you who already worked with the tasklist bonus, you know that it is our additional stimuli for the active members to earn an additional bonus for their activity. In the new version, we have separated all the different activities and now you may get a bonus for each activity you do and that is on the list with the bonuses. This way you may choose what you like most to work with and it is not necessary to complete all the activities together. However, if you are a really active member, you may want to complete everything and this will increase the overall bonus. More info you may find on the new page:

Before you start, I suggest you please read carefully how is the tool working, because if you are rushy, you may miss getting the whole list of bonuses. For any questions, please feel free to open a SUPPORT TICKET.


Ddos Attack
Published on 29-07-2020

Dear members,

Currently, we and many other sites experience a DDOS attack, some domains might be down during this time. The websites appear slow loading from time to time. We are working to mitigate the attacker and be back on track. Please be patient.

Lets hope, this will be solved soon.


CLIQUE MEDIA 2015-2020

NEW PTP Leaderboard
Published on 19-07-2020


Dear Members,

Starting from today, we have a new nice tool to promote your favorite site and earn cash at the same time. Most of you already know about the PTP leaderboard. It is the Updated version and it works better, faster, and more accurately.

Now you can finally earn something back for promoting your personal referral link!

You get paid for each unique visitor you send. A unique visitor is a single IP that visits Cliquebook once every 24 hours. A good signup rate gives you a higher CPM rate, no signups give you the lowest CPM rate.
Each week this leader board will reset and prizes added to your account balance. The leaderboard is sorted on value.

Please play fair! We check all the top positions and if we find out multi-accounts or any other way of a cheat, you will
be disqualified and your account will be suspended.

For any questions, please open a support ticket!

Take care and enjoy your earnings!



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