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Adgaterewards Offerwall
Published on 31-07-2023

AdGateMedia offerwall not only has plenty of quick and easy signup and shopping offers, but a great survey router with some of the highest paying surveys out there, and some of the highest paid mobile downloads in the market. Shop, play, and earn all in one place!

All members who work on my sites have the unique chance, to earn x10$ minimum a day on every site with Adgaterewards. I can see the offers and the surveys for the unpopular countries, it is the absolute minimum you, guys, may earn and cash out almost instantly from my sites. I ask you to pay attention to this Offerwall and be more active there, you may change your IP if you already completed a given survey on another site. Just change your IP, not the country of residence and the system will give you to complete the surveys, or the task again. Adgaterewards do not accept changing your IP with a different country IP, but you may use your own country's different IP. You may simply do this by restarting your router, or even by restarting your computer. 

I saw with my own eyes checks from the Adgaterewards Offerwall for thousands of dollars, they have many advertisers and companies they work with. All you have to do is simple enough, money is good enough too, and these are tasks you may complete in minutes. Who gives you such an opportunity? If you have any questions, you may open a support ticket and ask me directly. No need to comment on that on the forum page. 



Cliquebook Update <<NEW>>
Published on 15-07-2023


As of today all the payments for the Standard members and the Cheapest Upgrade members in all 3 websites Cliquebook, Cliquesteria, and Uniclique are with 0 withdrawal fees and the minimum amount you may get paid is only 0.20$. No more big requirements, no more fees. Soon these will be available for all the upgrades and for Gpthub as well. 




More news to come! 



As of today, we have 10 new Offerwalls which contain many ads to click, videos to watch, games to play, and tasks to complete. You can see all the new things when you click on the EARN MONEY button. Some of the Offerwalls are on the VIEW ADS page as well. Many new things to come soon. There will be a contest for the best Offerwall doer as well if there is increased interest from your side. 

Another update is about the self-sponsored ads, I have lowered the click price of these ads because they are too expensive to keep covering their price from my pocket. The good news is now every advertiser may promote and buy advertisements for as low as 20 cents. No more expensive ads for our Advertisers. 


Stay tuned! 



Clique Media Group of Websites Heading to the Future
Published on 22-06-2023

Dear Members, 


As you know the world lived through very complicated times in the last 3 years, I speak about Covid and the following financial crisis that we are still recovering from. During such times many companies did not manage to function normally. 


Clique Media Group of websites also suffered a loss of advertisers, clients, investors, and members. I have tried not to lower the earnings of the ads but it seems it solved the problem partially. It is why I am planning to bring the sites to a new niche where the members may earn more, not by investing, but by watching videos and doing simple tasks. I am implementing 10+ new Offerwalls and Game platforms, where you may earn or simply enjoy your free time. Until the financial situation is not stable, I do not plan to pay attention to the other aspects of the sites. They will keep working as always but I will not modernize a few of the old systems. So we are heading to a new course where you will see many new things on the sites, and it is completely up to you to keep supporting the Media. No need to invest to earn, this is as usual. 


I will make another announcement once all the new tools are coded and ready to serve you.  Clique Media is here to stay, we are not going anywhere, but directly to the top. I may also bring some of the old payment options back, i.e. Skrill and Neteller, even Sepa transfers. I will lower the cash-out limits so everyone may cash out whenever he/she wants. 


All the best! 

HOW TO EARN? Here is the simple method.
Published on 01-06-2023

Many people who are new to Cliquebook or to some of the other websites from the Cliquebook Media group ask me "How may I earn more". I decided to make things clear because we all see that the GPT business is a crisis ever since the last C19 lockdown, so what everyone may do is spend 10 minutes more to check CPXRESEARCH, OFFERDADDY, ADSCEND, ADGATEREWARDS, WANNADS, CLIXWALL, MINUTESTAFF, AYE-T, etc. These can be found on the Offerwalls page, these are Offerwalls where it has something for everyone. It has ads to click, or surveys to complete, simple tasks, etc. If you spend 2-5 minutes a day, you will be able to cash out your earnings several times a month. Many of you just click the site ads and complain about why the earnings are low, AIN'T TRUE. 

So the choice is yours, you may watch and complain, or you may act the way I explained. 

Happy Earnings!

Published on 24-01-2023






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