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Started by Adammehdi 2016-11-20 at 23:30
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I have a question, clikerz is scam or not ?
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clikerz scam
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hm i have read the topic
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Thanks for tge information
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Thanks for the info
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clikerz is scam
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Same administrator, both scams

I have been suspended from both

- lexiadz

To ask in forum why clicks of the earlier day doesn't appear and that way I lose money from my RR

Conclusion: Account Suspended

- clikerz

Account Suspended when I try to login in the next day after I request my payment

I ask in support ticket why my account was suspended and the answer was that I use bots
and....ticket closed

I open another ticket informing the earlier ticket that I'm not a bot I'm a loyal member since 2010 when I start my journey in ptc sites.

The answer was:
Do not open more tickets your account have been suspended

A BIG lol to both sites

Best regards

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