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New Year Contest

Started by Admin 2016-12-09 at 16:26
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Dear Members,

I've just started the next contest in Cliquebook - the New Year Point Contest. The prizes will be distributed among the top 10 members who gather the most points in their accounts. The Prizes are as follows:

1st place - 100$ Main Balance
2nd place - 50$ Main Balance
3rd place - 30$ Main Balance
4th place - 20$ Main Balance
5th place - 10$ Main Balance
6th place - 5$ Main Balance
7th place - 4$ Main Balance
8th place - 3$ Main Balance
9th place - 2$ Main Balance
10th place - 1$ Main Balance

You can accumulate points by viewing ads, referring direct referrals and depositing to your account. Each actions will give you points as follows:

Points per direct referral:
Points per ptc click:
Points per forum post:
Points per completed offer:
Points per dollar deposited:

All the Payment Processors are open for deposits: Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, BTC, Payeer, Solidtrustpay, Skrill and ADVCASH. The points will be added automatically after your deposit processing.

Some cool promos will take place in the upcoming Holidays!!!

Happy Days,

Spas K. - Cb Ceo
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You are the best as always,thanks admin!!!
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Awesome admin! Thank you for the contest

Advance Happy new year!
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Great Admin

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Thank you for your work and propriety, Dear Admin Spas!!!
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thank you admin(cash

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Congratulations, let's race
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thanks admin
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Excellent...............Cliquebook Forever........Clique Media Group PTCs Forever.......Super Admin Spas K Forever........Merry Christmas.......And Happy New Year 2017 to Admin, To Cliquebookers.........To Clique Medians..........
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Thanks admin

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