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1st Cliquey Point Contest Related

Started by Admin 2015-11-16 at 11:26
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Dear Cliquebookers,

This post will be for some point contest corrections. Some of the points do not appear automatically on the contest page. Some of the transactions from the payment processors to are not coming automatically, and i am adding it manually. That is why some of the points do not appear either. I want this contest to be fair enough for every single member of the site so it is my duty to inform you of such corrections. Here are the manually added points:


tiospartacus - 1475 ( 59$ MANUALLY ADDED )
lorenz27 - 450 (18$ MANUALLY ADDED)
jimmy820 - 150 ( 6$ MANUALLY ADDED)
jiveulikes - 200 ( 8$ MANUALLY ADDED)
efegoren - 250 ( 10$ MANUALLY ADDED)
ngochung8384 - 50 ( 2$ MANUALLY ADDED)
filsas - 425 (17.20 $ MANUALLY ADDED)

This points will be summed to the already visible points from the point contest table in the end of the competition!!!

The Next Correction is regarding the points from referral that come from PTSU offers, Fake Referrals, Cheat Referrals, etc. This Points will be deducted from the uplines' total points in the end of the competition. It is as follows:

PipsTycoon 2600 points ( the user will be probably disqualified from contest )
1 1600 points ( the user use 100% clixwall from a source for getting referrals, not allowed)

I hope you understand the importance of this point contest, and i hope you will not get frustrated from these actions of mine. The most important is to keep the site clear from cheaters and spammers.

Thank You,

Spas / Cliquebook Admin/
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