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No More OfferWall Rule

Started by Admin 2019-01-20 at 00:50
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UPDATE: 24.01.2019:

I wanted to pay attention to 2 things:

1. I apologize for my delay to answer to your support tickets. I am ill and I feel super bad last few days and I hardly manage to do my daily obligations. I try to process the payments mainly and put the other things on pending. I am sorry about it and there is no one who can help me with this, however, I will soon be okay and will start the tickets again.

2. I saw many people started cashing out without completing offers, not watching Bonus ads. It is not a problem, but I want to put my thoughts here and inform you about my point of view. Many do not complete offers and bonus ads simply because they use autoclickers and they just try to cheat the system. I want to say that I have my tools to see who is using autoclicker and who is not, and when it comes to the payments, I will pay faster to the members who are actively watching Bonus ads, those who are not, I will be checking their account more deeply to avoid cheats. Firstly, I did not want to say all that, but later I thought it will be better for you all to know what I think. It is not only to catch the autoclickers, but it is also because I want to monetize the Bonus ads because they pay me and this way I have the money to pay you. It is a good income and it helps me a lot to pay the standard members, actually, the bonus ads and the offerwalls are the 2 things of great importance. Be reasonable and help me monetize the Bonus ads and the Offerwalls. Thank You! Actually, many of you are already doing that and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Starting from today, I have removed the Offerwall rule in Cliquebook and you may cash out completely freely after reaching the minimum amount Did I tell you that Cliquebook has always been number 1?1?

But it is not everything, I have prepared a full basket with more surprises to you;

---- New Bonus Game - you may get superb prizes every 10 minutes. Check our new Bonus Games feature:

---- Tasklist Bonus -- One more new game we have here. If you complete all the required options, you will get instantly a cash bonus to your main balance. You can check the requirement on My account page.

For any questions, please open a support ticket.

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Good News Admin
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thank you admi
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Great !!!!
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Nice admin!
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Great ... Admin

Than you...

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