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Ayie from the Philippines

Started by cliquebook4ayie18 2019-03-09 at 13:53
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Hello admin and all,

Hi to all. I am not new with this Clickbook, Uniqueclick, and Cliquesteria. I'd been a member since 2017, Let me introduce myself as if this is needed for my withdrawal. Actually, I have requested my first withdrawal for the fourth time now, and I don't know what the problem was, why I was not granted to withdraw my earnings. I was excited all day for four days now but, to my dismay my requested withdrawal was returned back to my outstanding balance. That's why, I opted not to work now because I want them (cliquebook management) to first approved my withdrawal.

So many spammers and scammers roam around the net, and I was a victim of a bountiful PTC so so companys who shows strength at first, but knowing at the end they close and lots suffer a losing PTC clicker. To name a few, Adbertslab, Norclix, Buxflare, Ferdinadz, and so forth.

Anyway, if I need this introduction, I am Ariel Polintan from the Philippines, who just wanted to earn a legitimate way on the net. I'd been smashed by the so many scammers who wasted my time all day long knowing that they won't gonna pay me up for my earnings, very frustrating on my part.

With my username cliquebook4ayie, so to speak I hope that cliquebook4ayie means payment4ayie not scam4ayie.

May God bless us all particularly who heads this PTC, may the Almighty guides them with a rightful decision in matters concerning their members.


Ariel P.

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