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More Money for the Standard Members

Started by Admin 2020-08-01 at 21:37
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Dear Members,

Starting from today, in all the sites - Cliquebook, Cliquesteria, Gpthub, and Uniclique, the Standard members may now cash out a maximum of 10$ at once. Before it was 2$.

This way, you may also, use the gathered cash-out points, in a better way. As you know they are being reset with every withdraw request. So, if you have 4$ in your main balance, for example, and you have more than 4000 cash-out points, you will be able to cash out everything. Before you could cash out a maximum of 2$ and this way you were losing all the points that were more than 2000.

I plan to recalculate the payments for the paid memberships as well and increase some limits. As you might know, after Payza went scam, we were forced to make some restrictions on the payments. These restrictions will be removed until the last one. We are stable enough to take such actions now.

Another thing that you might have noticed is we have reduced the price for the PTC credits. You may advertise your favorite link super cheap now. Refer to our Advertise Page and check the new prices.
In the end, I hope you liked the new PTP option, you may do 2 things with it:
-- promote your link and get referrals
-- earn money by doing so.
It is called a double bonus for you all who promote Cliquebook. The very same PTP has been installed in all the other sites as well. Take your chance, copy your referral link and start earning practically endlessly this way. You may promote your referral links everywhere, how much you earn by this, depedns on how many direct referrals you refer compared to the amount of traffic the links receive. You may gain up to 40 cents for 1000 visits of your link.

There are so many new things coming up, but I will keep them in secret for now. Enjoy the sites, guys! And take a good care of yourselves in these risky times outside.

And enjoy the summer!

All the best,

Nikolay Kosturkov
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Great news
Thanks Admin
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thank you sir
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It was very GOOD news for all
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