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Ads not credited problem

Started by alibin 2021-06-06 at 10:28
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Ads not credited problem The admin has passed you by
My account is not being credited
In addition, the money deposited in my account has been wasted
ڈالر 5 deposit upgrade and ڈالر 16 deposit for 100 RR bananas
But despite the rupee not being deposited, the money deposited in the account is also being lost
Why is this happening to me?
Admin, please review this
And make it easy to solve this problem
Thank you
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I do not see any problem with your account, I tested it, logged in and clicked 4 ads, do you see that it all works? If it does not work for you, it means the problem is in your browser, device or cache memory. Try with a different browser, try to clear your cache....and do not blame me or the site because there is no problem at all.
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